Multanen Juhani

Osteoarthritis patients will benefit from bone favorable exercise 

The postmenopausal women, who may be at risk of...

Helajärvi Harri

Physical inactivity and positive energy balance pose a risk to health. They increase the risk of obesity and associated non-communicable diseases. Recently, also sedentary behaviour has been...

Laakso Nina

The purpose of this study was to examine the stories of Finnish sport managers: how their pathways to become sport managers had...

Saajanaho Milla

Participation in activities according to one’s personal goals is a central component of active aging. This study explored what kinds of personal goals older people have, how these goals...

Kari Jaana

The purpose of this study was to examine the development of students with different exercise backgrounds during their primary school teacher education,...

Silvennoinen Mika

The primary purpose of the current dissertation was to investigate the effects of genotype, high-fat diet and physical activity on constituents of skeletal muscle oxidative capacity. More...